With the advent of mobile phones in our life, it has now become an integral part of our day-to-day activities, starting from waking up in the morning to keeping health checks to ordering essentials and what not. Digital automation in the era of social distancing, has been the driving force, which we, as the experienced enterprise app-developers, tend to follow.

Android App Development

A strcutured, comprehensive approach towards developing customised solutions for the most popular OS for mobile devices is what Sketch Me Global does and does well as it mobilises your workforce by providing Android based on-demand access to important information. Creating layered and tailor made native Android apps to convert your business goals or thoughts into digital presence by dint of secure, powerful, and highly usable Java/Kotlin codes will help you run your app smooth and flawlessly.

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IOS App Development

Our efficient and quality iOS team has been creating IOS Mobile Apps for the iPhone & iPad for quite a few years now. To create a high-end brand world-wide, having an IOS app is necessary and that's where Sketch Me Global comes handy as we use agile sturcture as well as multiple sub-teams who coordinate with each other to match the scalability of your application.

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CROSS Platform Mobile App Development

For medium sized businesses or to cut some development costs, one can opt for the Cross-platform development method. Creating a fast, fully dynamic App with hybrid model that supports both the Android and iOS platforms is another area of expertise of Sketch Me Global.

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News / Achievements

Informed the authority of Paytm about the weak code that leads to the threat of easy Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attack

Informed the authority of Paytm about the weak code that leads to the threat of easy Clickjacking attack

These success stories rests heavily on the achievements of Sayak Mukherjee and Ayan Chakraborty. Click refresh to know more.

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