Technical Maintenance

Providing support to your existing structure and ensuring sustained maintenance.


Scheduling and styling the needs of the company and demands of the market.

Backup & Retention

Determining the retention of encrypted or plain archival with secure storage.

Digital promotion

Digitally ensuring your brand's familiarity to all and sundry, near and far with stress on desired recognition.

Security and Privacy

Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level security.

Business Consultation

helping you upgrade your business and providing you with trendy model to attain desired goals.

Services Offered by

Sketch Me Global

From strategy to security, from resource development to retention; your one-stop, easily accessible, user-friendly digital solution to all technical queries at minimum pocket-pinch.

Products Offered by Sketch Me Global

From the plethora of our products, we bring to you some of the rare gems that have changed the working principal of individuals, business organisations as well as reputed professionals.


Easy and precise network billing solution of complex and time-consuming procedure

Medical Assistance

Digitally empowering and connecting Hospitals, Doctors, Patients, with dynamic panels

Smart Education

Virtually connecting students to reputed faculty members of celebrated institutes*


Paperless documentation of vital information and effective tracking of work-progress


Easy and effective coordination among teacher-student-parents with regular notification.


Digitally safeguarding your home and digitally managing electronic appliances.

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